Gilead operates in many communities around the world. We believe our impact should be positive, enriching and sustainable. Our goal is to promote efforts that minimize our effect on climate change and lower our consumption of natural resources. We seek to increase renewable energy use and recycling efforts, lessen our contribution to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve chemistry practices. Sustainability is core to how we are working to build a better world with people, partners and communities around the globe.

To make good on our commitment to sustainability, Gilead has joined the world’s leading companies to reduce GHG emissions. Climate change presents a material threat to human health and environments worldwide. Gilead is committed to mitigating our impact by doing our part to improve our environmental practices though conservation and pollution prevention. This includes reaching our target goal to reduce our global Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 25% by 2025, compared to our 2016 emissions.

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Our Local Focus on Sustainability

In Belgium, Gilead is committed to playing our part in having a positive and sustainable impact on our local environment. Our team is proud to participate in initiatives such as the Lignaverda Challenge and Mooimakers.

Lignaverda aims to encourage colleagues to walk, run, or bike in support of the expansion of the Great Green Wall in Africa, thereby helping to reduce our ecological footprint and offsetting our CO₂ emissions.

During our first edition in 2021, our colleagues collectively travelled over 8.800 kilometers, allowing for more than 8.800 trees to be planted in the Great Green Wall. Gilead Belgium was pleased to be recognized as the first pharmaceutical company to contribute to this initiative.

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